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Please change the way prices are displayed

I think it is very confusing that we have buy yes and buy no.  It would be much easier to read if we just had thing to look at that had the bid and ask.  It's hard to dissect and see what people are selling at versus what people are buying at.

The current method just makes things confusing and I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting a simpler way to view the current market offers.  

Is there some kind of reason for the current market setup?  I would love for an admin to respond to this.    

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totally agree

After having made a few trades and changing some positions, I couldn't agree more with what's been said above. I know that on social media and in articles about this site, Predictit has promoted itself as a follow on/explicitly legal version of Intrade. Intrade had the pricing system right. I find the current system to be very counter-intuitive and inefficient, and it sounds as though others are having the same problem. It is much easier to take positions, make trades, and keep track of unmet offers with the simple "sell if no, buy if yes" that Intrade (and other markets) favored. I expect that this would require a fairly rigorous overhaul, but especially when you're prepared to move from the beta version of the site, I'm sure it would be completely worth it.

Thanks for your consideration. 

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I agree with the above. Information is too disbursed and isn't intuitive. For one, I should be able to see the order book on the same page where I'm writing an order. For another, if I buy a "no" contract for 60, it becomes a "yes" contract at 40. This is confusing, and I know of no other market like this. Having said this, I am happy something has come along to replace Intrade.



Just a follow up comment. I have been using the site actively for a couple of weeks now, and it doesn't become any more intuitive with time. Every trade requires a pause to essentially think upside down, and it's frustrating that you can't see two-way markets on the same screen on which you are trading.

Having said that, I recognize you're still in beta, and I am thrilled you are pursuing this. But please consider moving over to an Intrade-like system soon. It will be a hassle, but way less of one if done soon. I believe the current set-up limits your growth.


It sees yes and no trade as two different instruments, which does seem like an odd choice to me. A combined/implied order book wouldn't make much sense in that case, as you can't close out a long yes position by buying no's. 

I don't agree with that design, but I'll give them a benefit of the doubt that there's a good reason for it.

I came to the forum to make a post of this exact issue so I'm glad it's been addressed. Every time I want to make a trade, I have to do a (100 - x) calculation. It's not intuitive at all. A bid/ask format like Intrade did was perfect!

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yes to all of that

I have to double-check every time I make a bid. Bid/ask or buy/sell or green/red would be an excellent time-saver.

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Not saying this is the way to go, but i think it's done this way so that investors can take short positions without actually having to short sell


wholeheartedly agree with the proposal to change the pricing display, and in particular, the preference for an intrade-style display

Agree with all the comments here... I actively trade in the stock market and I find the way the data is presented is very counter-intuitive.

Agreed 100%

Changing the format would also help with liquidity.  The fact that you have two markets (a yes market and a no market) means that investors are divided up as well.  Combining it into a single bid/ask would give each market twice as much liquidity. 

And exponentially more once serious investors come in thanks to a move away from the convoluted system that is in place now.

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