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Fed Gov't Shutdown

Suggested prediction: "The federal government will experience a partial shutdown due to congressional failure to appropriate funds for nonessential personnel by [insert date]."

I'm not sure what the date should be. The end of the year is too far off. Perhaps PredictIt could just run this same market every two months or so.

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The DHS is going to shut down, if not funded, on Feb 28. So the question could read "Will the DHS shut down due to lack of funds by March 1."

Department of Homeland Security runs out of funds on Feb 27th.

We like the idea of keeping on eye on the potential for a government shutdown. This idea has been forwarded to the new question committee for their consideration. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Sweet! So what's my cut?

OK, this fall we have a whole bunch more of this. I really hope we get these markets.

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