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Make Available Closed Markets

Once a market closes, there's no way to access it except by googling it. These should be accessible from the main site--at least recently closed markets. 

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This would be useful -- especially in providing additional feedback/confirmation for the reward/punish aspect.


that would be a "good thing"... you DO have the data available... somewhere...;?]


I agree, information on closed contracts should be available. How can one Google this? Also, each contract should have a unique Contract Number to make it easier to find.

Agreed. This has been really irritating for the debate markets only open for a single day before they disappear. If I want to quickly checkout the discussion inside those markets, I can't :|

Two workarounds:

  1. You can search your email for the Disqus notifications, which contain a link to the market
  2. If you had any transactions in the market, the links will appear in your account history

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