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Make Available Closed Markets

Once a market closes, there's no way to access it except by googling it. These should be accessible from the main site--at least recently closed markets. 

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Two workarounds:

  1. You can search your email for the Disqus notifications, which contain a link to the market
  2. If you had any transactions in the market, the links will appear in your account history

Agreed. This has been really irritating for the debate markets only open for a single day before they disappear. If I want to quickly checkout the discussion inside those markets, I can't :|

I agree, information on closed contracts should be available. How can one Google this? Also, each contract should have a unique Contract Number to make it easier to find.
that would be a "good thing"... you DO have the data available... somewhere...;?]


This would be useful -- especially in providing additional feedback/confirmation for the reward/punish aspect.



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