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Vice Presidential Contenders

I know it may be too early to begin to prospect on vice presidential candidates, but I do believe it is a powerful metric to question. Vice Presidents in the GOP may not be as relevant of a question quite yet, but in the Democratic Party it absolutely a different story. Who Hilary picks as her VP changes her prospects substantially. For instance she can easily capture a strong liberal lobby with Elizabeth Warren as her VP.

Regardless: We should have VP markets as well. 

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Great idea!

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Heartily seconded. I emailed this idea to them weeks ago as well. 

Although I would totally start betting on GOP VP candidates... Doubly interesting since Rubio and Walker both seem like natural VP material to me :P

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Excellent Idea!

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I'm ready to start betting on VPs. Let's do it!

What do we need to do to make this happen?

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