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I don't understand this at all.

At first I thought I understood how it worked, but now I am very confused.   I dont understand why my total $ value went down when none of the events have occurred yet....

What happens if no one matches your yes bet or no bet.....  do you get those shares back?

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Prior to the event, your value goes up and down (whether the event has occurred or not) due to supply and demand for your shares. You may buy more or sell some/all of your shares at any time prior to the event taking place. Once the event takes place, you either receive $1 per share if you were correct in the outcome, or lose everything if you are incorrect. 

I would do some research on options trading...If you treat this like an option you won't lose as much money and you'll have a better understanding of how this works.

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i'm new and don't get it either. How do you know when to sell?

Every time I buy for low, the sell is lower.  Every time I buy for high the sell is lower.  An example was when a question was about Obama' approval rating and I felt it  would go lower I bought a 100 shares at NO and it continued to decline, but when I went to sell it the price you could sell it, it just kept going down.  I guess I am just stupid and can not figure it out. 

 This is an old thread but if it helps, yes and no shares go up and down depending on what people are willing to pay for them or sell them for. This is dependent on what's happening in the news or polls related to the market you are betting on. Buy low sell high, if you buy yes at 5 cents and a couple days later you see that yes is now 80 cents you can sell to make a quick profit or wait and take the chance that yes wins on the day it closes, then predictIt will pay you 1 dollar per share minus a fee 10% of the profit.

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