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More short-term markets please!

Hey PredictIt,

If you take a look at the super popular markets recently, they are all short-term markets such as the weekly Obama approval markets (awesome, please keep doing these!), and the DHS shutdown markets. If you could have around 4 of these running at any one time it would be absolutely fantastic. 

I think this would get more people interested, improve the accuracy of short term predictions that are in the news, and are a better niche for prediction markets than topics like presidential elections which can also be well predicted by polls. 

I'm not sure of the details of the no-action letter, but the press surrounding it mentions economic indicators. A weekly Obama approval poll, a weekly economic indicator, and one or two current events topics that are weekly would be a great start. 

Thanks for taking the time to improve the site. Please let me know if you need help on coming up with specific market suggestions. 

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Definitely agree more shot term questions. Daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

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