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It would be very good if you were able to start offering stock market predictions or currency predictions, such as, will the DOW be higher than .... on .... and other yes or no spreads... This could allow for daily, weekly, and other long term options and lead to an new endless market and potentially many more users. I would love to see this and I would definitely predict this.


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Thanks for your ideas on new market possibilities. Please remember that PredictIt is legally limited to questions concerning politics and certain economic indicators. Unfortunately, financial markets wouldn't fall into this category.

What economic indicators are allowed? Weekly unemployment? MSIO? Monthly New Residential Sales? Having monthly/weekly questions surrounding indicators such as those might be a good choice instead?


We are researching potential candidates for economic indicator questions at this time. Thank you for these suggestions. The new question committee will take a look at them. We like the idea of having some questions of the weekly and monthly variety also.

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