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Korean Nukes

I can't understand how this can be a subject, because its not something that can be confirmed or denied.

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does hitting, [or attempting to], south korea or japan count?


North Korea is a hot spot ready to explode. If they have the capabilities to reach the US they will try

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They have no religion --they want to survive. Their system is driven by a crazed fear expressed as a pathetic unceasing rage. Have you ever seen a DPRK news broadcaster? She rages until almost foaming at the mouth then sort of lightens up to glorify the leader with glistening, faraway -looking eyes. This is a barking mad country that , with one mistake, would be utterly destroyed. Chance seem ever better for a resolution as the Dear Leader Jr  acts in a way that threatens older military men who might come to believe they better move quick or he might feed them to the wild dogs as he supposedly did to his uncle or execute them with anti-aircraft fire.

Nero, Domitian , Ceacesque (sp. Romanian Fuhrer...). They gotta go....


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