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Would anyone be interested in starting a podcast? (talking Politics/ Predictit/ Mocking RCP)

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As a fan of podcasts, this sounds like a great idea.  I'd be interested in giving it a go, for better or for worse.


I'd be interested. I have my own podcast equipment, only issue Is I'm not to sure how to cross our networks. PS. I'm a dope, but I usually serve as a host, so my actual knowledge is low ha. But I'm game for making a PredictIt based podcast


Skype works well, as long as the person on the other end of the call has a decent mic.  What equipment do you have?

I would be an active listener 

Check this out: it could be a small community driven podcast with people in different places and still be high quality. Just google's two-cents.

According to this, (yes, I googled "podcasting 101" haha) all you would need is one person with an audio recorder hooked into a mic, as well as the headphone jack of their computer while on a skype call with someone or even multiple people.

If there are any takers, we could have a weekly discussion about current events and the markets that may have been affected.  There are also plenty of polls that come out each week that can be interpreted from multiple points of view.  There wouldn't be a shortage of topics for several news junkies to talk about.  I'm game to start one up, let me know here if anyone is interested in giving it a go.  I think if you you had three people there would be enough conversation to keep it interesting.

I'm interested in the production side. I've got experience editing audio and would be interested in working on segments and setup processes, setup websites. Might start with a shared google doc with those who are interested with contributing throwing out ideas for segments, "New Markets" (background, discussion), "Bear/Bull Top Picks", "PredictIt News" (policy changes, feature updates), "Devils in the Details" (how you could loose or make money by the technicalities in the rules). Is there anyone at PredictIt willing to sponsor this? Just some level of promotion would be all we need.

This sounds great. I'm glad people are interested. 

Sounds like we got us a party!

If you're interested send me an email at "dailytiz@gmail dot com" or a DM on Twitter, @dailytiz.  I'll get anyone interested in on a shared google doc as wcatron said, because it's so convenient.  That way we can put our heads together and decide on a game plan.  I have no experience with audio editing, but I do have experience with websites (using wordpress).  Hopefully we can get something going before Predictit is done with its beta testing (whenever that is, but I can't wait!)


all i know is I could go on for days about how I sold my Lynch "Yes" shares because of all the dummy's saying it wouldn't happen! I lost out on some moola


Oh man, I stayed away from that one.  I wanted to jump in so bad, but honestly I had no clue which direction it was going and the likelihood of getting burned was too much for my blood.  By the time I was confident Lynch was going to get the nomination, it was too late for me to jump on it because the prices were too high for me to bother. 

Brenden send me an email at dailytiz@ gmail so i can get you in on the google doc I've started with Wes and Greg.


Hi I am a geopolitical author. I'd be interested in blogging about world political events. Add me to the list.

Hey so I have yet to wait out and see if I win a poll. My question is... If i have 30 shares of a poll and I win that poll I get $30?

less 10% ($3.00) in fees 

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