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Developer API

There's a large community of open source developers that would gladly develop small modules around the Predict It data. I propose developing a read only API that allows people to track markets and have Apps, widgets, and email alerts without you having to develop them yourselves.

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Any updates on this?

 Why make it read only? Being able to make buy orders, given some headers and parameters, would be fantastic. I'd love to be able to develop some proper models without having to past in data by hand, and being able to make orders through the same interface would be a great 2.0 feature.

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I'd love to see a Developer API that would allow for automatic trades!

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Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. Just wanted to let you know that API development is part of the plan for PredictIt. We don't have a a specific ETA for it's inclusion at this time, but it will be coming soon. Our programmers have begun working on it. Stay tuned and keep posting your suggestions. We review them all and welcome your feedback as part of the development process.

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Are there any updates for a Developer API?

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Thanks for checking in! API is still in development on our end. No ETA yet.

Wanted to also check in since it's been two months. Any indication on a basic API? Even something as simple as returning JSON strings of updated timestamped prices would generate great data to play with.

It's still in development. Linked contract pricing and other development projects were the front runners for the last two months. API is coming up quickly. Stay tuned!

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Looking forward to this!

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Hi Dave.  Is the plan to make the API read-only like the original suggestion or will there be a possibility to make trades?

More than excited for this!

My dream PredictIt API would allow the following:

Trading actions

  - Buy

  - Sell

  - Cancel

  - Current offers by other traders

  - Current offers by me

Market Info

  - "Data" (e.g. today's volume)

  - Last trade price

  - Price history

Account Info

  - My current ownership

  - My trade history

  - Cash balance

Finally, if you could provide historical trade info, that would be incredible. I.e. logs detailing "timestamp, buy/sell, amount, price" for each market and all (anonymized) traders. Many exchanges do this. E.g. NYSE makes this available as a paid data product. On the other end of the spectrum, BTC-E, a shady bitcoin trading site, shows recent trades on the home page.

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Any word on what the feature set for the first version of the API will be?


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Hey guys, any updates on this/eta? Looks like last update was ~3 months ago
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