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Facebook ads are great - but maybe try moving into Reddit?

I was brought to this website by a facebook ad. Personally, I think it is in everyone on this website's interest to grow this market and have more traders because it will lead to a more active and dynamic community. Those stark differences between buy and sell prices will disappear a lot more quickly with more people.

Anyway, Reddit. I think the people in charge of this site should establish an "official" predictit subreddit and advertise it on this site and through reddit advertisements. /r/predictit is already taken. But perhaps something like /r/predictitpolitics or /r/vupredictit or something like that would work.

The huge advantage of reddit is that the website tends to bandwagon on things and this could be one of them. Plus it would appear that this forum isn't that active, so users on this website still don't have a place to go for substantive daily discussion. A subreddit could be that discussion.

I have another idea for this as well, but I'll be posting it in a separate feature thread.

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I would follow a predictit subreddit.

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If that happens, be prepared for Bernie Sanders shares to get inflated.

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Then I will happily buy up the deflated 'No's.

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Reddit ads would be brilliant. Advertise in /r/politics! I love this site and think it's amazing, but I would love to see slightly higher volume in sales.

(For the record, I was brought here by a Facebook ad)

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