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macroeconomic conditions and events

I understand there are concerns with creating markets around specific businesses due to potential violations of US securities and insider trading laws. 

But I would like to see markets based on macroeconomic events and conditions, which could provide useful information in relation to financial markets. 

For example, will the Federal Reserve raise rates by September 30?

Will US GDP growth for July be +/- 2.5% (on an annualized basis)?

Will unemployment be above 5.5%?

What will be the change in CPI? 

Will the federal deficit be over \ under 18.5 Trillion at the end of the fiscal year?

Will the S&P 500 be over \ under 2,100 at close of trade, June 30?  

All of these are pretty easily verifiable through reports issued by the Bureau of labor statistics and other sources.  Other ideas would be foreign exchange rates, balance of trade \ current account deficit, etc.  

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