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Next state to legalize marijuana

Which state will be next to legalize marijuana?

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What happens if multiple states legalize it in the same election and the laws take effect the same day?


How about next states to legalize marijuana, and list all the states with legislation introduced, and those with pending legislation.

Also on the fed side.

Will the Federal Government legalize marijuana in 2016?

This could be broken into 3 questions too.

Which States will?

1. Full Legalization (21 and up)

2. Full Medical legalization

3. Partial Legalization (like Texas did with their CBD legislation (that was useless btw)


Let's look at Industrial Hemp at the Federal Level & State Levels. 

Will the Federal Government legalize industrial hemp in 2016?

Which States will legalize Industrial Hemp in 2016?    All states listed with pending legislation. 

(This needs to take into account states like Texas that don't meet again until 2017)

1. Fully legal to grow (2 states did this in 2015, Colorado & Kentucky)

2. Research only (22 states or so did this in 2015)

Best to do individual states when they are confirmed for the ballot.
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