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export entire transaction history to CSV

Mostly interested in seeing all transactions made on my account in an easy-to-analyze CSV format.

Would also be interested in downloading transactions for contracts.

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I strongly agree with this suggestion. It would be fantastic to have this data available in excel. At the very least, expand the number of transactions you can view on a single history page. I would be happy to copy paste them into excel if I didn't have to scroll through 20+ pages. 

Thanks Predictit!

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This would be an incredibly useful feature for me as well!


Yes! Either allow a CSV dowload, or allow the history to display all, or a large number like a 1000 trades. The second change should be no problem to implement.


Given that the price charts have been updated to candlestick graphs complete with downloaded Excel data, perhaps we could look forward to something like this for history soon. Personally, I just need the data. I can make my own pretty graphs!


PLEASE PLEASE allow a CSV download or a larger number of trades to appear on the history page!!! It's very annoying to have to scroll through hundreds of pages!


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PLEASE allow a CSV download or a larger number of trades to appear.  I have no idea what my actual realized PL is.

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