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Gallup Approval Rating with multiple choices

My favorite market was the Gallup Obama approval rating. It is easier to figure out than the Real Clear Politics one, and the time which the Gallup site is updated is very regular.

Changing this from being able to buy shares in 5 different ranges to a simple Yes/No really makes this a less exciting category. I can't imagine the reason that the change was made

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I agree with you that the 5-share version was more interesting.  However, I think it's pretty obvious why they made the change: the 5-share version was also extremely illiquid, with very wide bid/ask spreads for each contract.  They are probably trying to promote more frictionless markets.

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I would love to see them add ranges and I think the liquidity would be just as good as the RCP poll.  I think more people prefer Gallup as it is easier to predict.  Maybe they could do 2 markets?

I think they should try a week back with 5 ranges and see how this goes.

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I think they should go back to the range and see if the liquidity is better as more people now use the site and love this market.  May two separate markets?

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Yes, that would be great if we could have more markets with that question - or, at least, Have 2 markets per week (One on Friday and one on Tuesday, etc..)

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