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Who will become The Libertarian Party's Presidential Candidate in 2016?

Will Gary Johnson become The Libertarian Party's candidate once again in 2016? Or will it be one of the many candidates who have already announced they will be seeking The Libertarian Party's support for a 2016 Presidential Campaign. Such as, Cecil Ince, Marc Feldman, Derrick Michael Reid, Joy Waymire, Steve Kerbel and Darryl Perry. There is also one other potential candidate, R. Lee Wrights - who sought The Libertarian Party's support in 2012 but lost to Gary Johnson, he may announce his candidacy for 2016 as well.

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gary johnson, duh...

PredictIt already has a severe thin markets problem.  Adding this sort of arcane question will exacerbate that issue.  Very few people care at all about the outcome.  PredictIt needs to focus on the kind of questions that will attract a significant number of investors.  The theory behind predictions markets depends on the efficient markets hypothesis, and markets only approach efficiency when they are thick.

There are many delegates who would disagree with you, Hemp360. And the informal data we have would disagree as well. I'd argue his odds are more like 50/50.
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