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A market on Hillary Clinton losing the Democratic Nomination...

Despite her obvious qualifications and deep donor base, Hillary is simply not trusted and/or liked by nearly enough of the electorate. She is such a heavy favorite (once again) that this would be a dynamic market to watch.

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The wild card is whether some legal infraction surfaces.  I think she's  going to win because he 'competitors' are either unknown or over 72 yrs old

I agree, and despite some donors with deep pockets when it comes to primaries(and elections) it's public opinion that matters. She struggled the same last time, even though she has knowledge and experience she is already deeply hated in some circles. I don't think that even her long term supporters are up for another confrontational presidency.

There is already a "Will Hillary Clinton win the Democratic Nomination?" market. You can buy "No" shares for only 34 cents. A bargain if you ask me.
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