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Please add Lawrence Lessig to the Dem Presidential Nomination Markets

Larry Lessig officially launched his campaign earlier this month after crowdfunding over $1 million from around 10,000 supporters in just four weeks. He has repeatedly polled even with Lincoln Chafee when his name is included in the poll (but polls have nevertheless remained hesitant to include his name, which some have claimed is due to pressure from the DNC). See:

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I would enjoy seeing the PredictIt community's assessment of the Lessig campaign's chances.

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Yes. This is not a true predictive market if we don't have all of the options on the table to choose from. There are half a dozen people we're already allowed to bet on who aren't even running for president, some of whom have said no less than 50 times that they are definitely not running. Yet we can't bet on Lessig? 

Who decides our options? Gore for VP? Huh? You're influencing the market by restricting options and contriving false choices. That's the kind of thing that will eventually make people stop laying down money.

Why has this been ignored for a month, during which time I could have bet money on half a dozen people who aren't even running?

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