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Referral Bonus?

I've been tempted to post my success on this site on Facebook and other social media as many of my friends are constantly sharing political views and opinions. I am pretty sure that 5-10 of them will join the site if I am posting up money I've made on contracts and sharing some of my info, but I have to ask if any referral bonuses are in play. There should be some sort of referral bonus... Lets say, maybe a $10 bonus for everyone you refer that makes a $50 deposit. You can set this up so that the money is paid upon deposit and I believe this would drive the community to share and bring other people into the market. If this is a possibility and it becomes active, I would like to know so that I can start sharing this site on Facebook and other social media.

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Thanks for the suggestion! We don't have a referral program at present and don't have a plan for one in the future at this time. However, if the status changes we will notify you by email.

I'd love to be notified if this changes too. i will personally invite over 500 people who are day-traders who enjoy policy as well, and would immediately buy into the system for at least 50 bucks a pop.

Just sayin. Get. after. this.

4 months later.

It seems pretty obvious though... if they want to see this website blow up 3x's bigger over night, they would institute a referral program. Or some kind of incentive to share their link and bring friends on board. They are diffinately interested in growing since they advertise on FB and this would certainly smash those numbers with a guarantee for new members before awarding credit on to a patron's account. It all ends up getting swallowed by the machine anyways and they end up with a brand new customer who will refer people as well to get whatever credit he can from it too.
Came here for the same thing. I assume there's no referral bonus.

There is no referral program at this time. If the status changes we will notify you by email right away.

Referral program, son.


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