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Show weighted average (held) position price in Shares popup window

 Right now, when you're displaying the page of a category of contracts (say, all of the GOP.NOM candidates), in the Price column there is a color-coded tally of the number of shares you hold of that candidate.  If you click on it, a popup window displays showing a list of the open position lots you have previously bought for that candidate.  Maybe you bought 20 at 72, 35 more at 73, and 20 at 62.  It would be nice - and I think require about 10 minutes of editing the popup code and calculation - if it showed a weighted average of your total position on that contract.  Currently, if you want to know that you have to either go INTO that candidate's page and click on the contracts held button, or go back to your My Shares page.  The constant back and forth is time consuming and adds overhead to your server load.  The latter is something that will affect PredictIt during critical times like debates, primary days and election night.  (I'm pretty sure a simple weighted average would require less server load than constantly serving up pages.)  I think any easy change that can make your site run more efficiently would pay off down the road.  And this would be a minor convenience upgrade to your users as well.

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Great Idea!

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