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Question on linked contracts and margin

Question for PredictIt.  When contracts are appropriately margined based on linked contracts (coming soon), will the formula cap out at a zero debit, or is it possible to receive a credit if that's what the formula results in?  In other words, if someone manages to lock in a pure arbitrage across linked contracts (in all outcomes they will have a profit, never a loss), will their account be credited for their lowest possible profit, or will it just not be debited for any amount?

If your linked positions lock in an arbitrage profit, you will receive the credit in your available cash.

Wouldn't the result of that be that occasionally selling contracts would result in a debit from the available cash?

Is this ever going to happen?  If your posting that it is going to happen was some kind of experiment, it's over.  At this point you've been trumpeting it for so long without doing anything, I've got to confess, I'm really doubting whether it's ever going to happen!


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You guys are going to do this for the GOP Nomination Market right?  

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