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Obama Multi-Range Market

Instead of using RCP, PredictIt should name the polls they will include if released before 11:59pm on Friday and either (a) the number of polls (e.g. the eight most recent of the aforementioned polls) or (b) the time period for which the polls will be included (for example, polls will no longer be included 14-21 days from either the start or end date of the poll.  

As a suggestion, PredictIt could specify that it will use the following polls: (i) Rasmussen, (ii) Gallup, (iii) PPP, (iv) Reuters/ Ipsos, (v) Economist/YouGov, (vi) USA Today/Suffolk, (vii) Pew Research, (viii) NBC News/ Wall St. Jrnl, (ix) Fox News, (x) Bloomberg, (xi) Quinnipiac, (xii) CNN/ Opinion Research, (xiii) National Journal, (xiv) ABC News/ Wash Post, (xv) National Journal, and (xvi) McClatchy/ Marist. Other possible polls for consideration include Morning Consult and Gravis Marketing/ One America News. 

(Sources: (a) ; (b) ; and (c) 

This would make the market more predictable and certain and clearly about Obama's approval rating rather than users having to guess about the decisions that RCP will make (including (i) what polls RCP will decide to use in its average; (ii) whether and when RCP will get around to updating its average; (iii) when RCP will drop polls from its average; and (iv) how many polls RCP will decide to include in its average). 

I hope that PredictIt gives this SERIOUS consideration.  Thanks much. 

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