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The new "Gain/Loss" and "invested" is a terrible idea.

I want to know the total value of the account at a glance. That is a basic value available in all investment and gambling accounts.

The "gain/loss" is unclear. Is that total gain loss since opening the account (it does not appear to be) or since the last transaction (does not appear to be) or just the day? 

Does it include "loss" due to fees? It does not appear so but that actually is something it should include somewhere.

None of it is clear and it irritates me.

Why the change with no explanation of what the screen is telling us?

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The gain/loss number is a totally useless number.  It is the sum of your unrealized gains/losses in events you are currently invested in.  Once you close your position in a given event, that event no longer factors into your gain/loss.

I agree- it's confusing and there needs to an explanation of what it represents.     It should be the same as a stock trading account.  Current value versus amount of deposits made- year to date.

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A running gain/loss in the individual markets one is invested in would be much more helpful.

The aggregate gain/loss is not particularly helpful.


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i'm a noob, so it's always been displayed for me. i like the concept, but how is it calculated? from what i've observed, it seems to represent the difference between the 'avg price' column and the 'sell' column on the 'my shares' page. is this correct?


im not a financial guy but this site has a tough layout for me to grasp.  I think they need to just copy and paste standard information that any other financial site has.  I'm still somewhat new here, so i'll figure it all out eventually

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