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Use Rasmussen instead of Gallup for Weekly Obama to Avoid Unfair Advantages

Those people who have access to Gallup Analytics get very early access to information that the rest of the market cannot. Rasmussens data on Presidential Approval is not available earlier to their premium subscribers than to the public. Switching the weekly basis from Gallup to Rasmussen would serve two purposes: return the playing field to level for all traders and bringing the focus back in line with the intention of your site - a market that anticipates the outcome, not one where an entire market follows the data from a few people with inside access.

If you want it fair, and you want it unbiased, you will drop Gallup as a sole weekly market. Bring back Rasmussen as a sole weekly market.

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The swings make Gallup interesting ...Ras is too predictable.


Agreed.  At a minimum post a warning on the contract page that Gallup data is by subscription only, so newbies don't misunderstand.

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