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Page for Archived Markets

I would like to see a page dedicated to closed and old markets. Unless you've bookmarked or invested in a market, once it closes its impossible to find it again. Even if I don't invest in a particular market, I like to follow up and check the history or the comments after it has closed.

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I would like to second that.  I just signed on to PredictIt today.  Before committing to the site I tried to find archives to get a sense of what kinds of topics have been covered previously.  Though I decided to join, it would have helped hasten my decision and would likewise benefit other potential customers.

I'd also love to see an archive / easily access closed questions.

I strongly agree with this. It would be very helpful to me to have historical data on the predictive power of markets.

I agree with the suggestion.  While the New Zealand University might do some research on the bets, most material will just stay untouched if no archive function is installed.  Please open a searchable archive.

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