PredictIt prioritizes fairness to all traders on both sides of any contract and does not expedite the closing of a market based merely on perceived likelihood. In the decision to close a market, PredictIt makes an effort to take into account all potentially relevant factors.

For example, in an election market, these factors would include: the percentage of votes reported; the percentage of precincts reporting; the apparent margin of victory; the time frame for requesting a canvass or recount; whether a canvass or recount has been requested or is underway; the settlement source identified in the Rules for that market (such as a state elections board); whether a state’s results have been certified; whether the certification has Safe Harbor or other significant legal status; the status of proceedings in any lawsuits that may affect the outcome; the time frame for appeal of any legal decisions; whether or not there has been a concession; and whether there are unique or unusual circumstances (such as potential decisions of Congress) that may affect the outcome under the Rules of the market in question.

If you believe that a certain market should be closed, please provide with links to official sources that you believe show that the conditions for settlement in that specific market have been conclusively met, and that information will be taken into account.