Very often you will want to buy or sell shares but won’t like the price other traders are offering. Or, you may want to buy or sell more shares than is possible at that time. In these cases, when you can’t immediately match an existing offer, you make your own offer instead.

Follow the same process as when you buy or sell shares, naming your best price and desired quantity. PredictIt will record an open offer on your behalf. Your offer will appear in the list of offers shown to other traders until someone matches it or you cancel it.

It’s not possible to offer to buy more shares in any one contract than you have funds available. Nor can you offer to sell more shares than you own. If you try to register more offers than you are capable of matching, we will give priority to the offer you are submitting and then cancel a sufficient number of your existing offers. We cancel existing offers according to price, starting with the lowest for Buy offers, highest for Sell offers.