Whenever you sell a share for a higher price than you paid, we charge a 10 percent fee on your profit. The same fee applies if you hold onto your shares until the closing date and they are redeemed for $1.

When you sell some, but not all, of your shares in a contract, we will calculate your profit or loss by assuming you are selling your shares in the same order in which you bought them. We do not charge a fee if you break even or sell shares at a loss.

For U.S. traders, withdrawals are subject to a 30-day holding period after your initial deposit and a 5 percent processing fee. You can choose remittance either by bank transfer (ACH) or by check, mailed to you at the address you provided to verify your identity.

We remit funds to traders outside the United States by wire transfer. Withdrawals are subject to a 60-day holding period after your initial deposit, a 5 percent processing fee and a $40 wire transfer fee. You are also responsible for any fees that may be charged by your bank to receive our wire transfer.

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